ZF2, Composer install, Windows host.

May 14, 2014

Today I have almost given up trying to install the ZF2 Skeleton Application. I couldn’t make the recommended Composer method work:

I kept getting this weird error:

Googling the error had lead me to a few deadends until I stumbled upon this StackOverflow question: InvalidArgumentException composer install symfony. The answer gave me a clue: Composer had been trying to set up symlinks, which is no problem unless you are running the installation on a VM in a Windows host in a shared synced folder, in my case, /var/www/.

Solved this by running the installation in the home folder first, then moved it to the shared folder.

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Word of advice: If using VirtualBox, use NFS to share files with the guest, not VB’s shared folders. SO VERY SLOW.


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